Monday, November 7, 2011

Dance Me A Story - Studio 23, We Did It!

For those who know me well, they sure know how passionate I am with stage performances, especially dance and theatre. It's been years since the last time I made an appearance on stage. I think my last stage show previously was a month before I started my job as an erm,nevermind that.  And that was like, 3 years ago? I've been actively dancing and acting on stage during my college and university days. I thought I'll never get a chance to do that again, but Studio 23 had made it happened again!

So last night we finally had our 1st ever dance theatre show in Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching, Sarawak. Dance + theatre, awe, 2 of my passions combined in 1 show! Tell me how can I not love it?

Too bad, I didn't bring my own camera so, no pictures of the show yet for now. But I have some of the backstage view that I remembered to capture using my phone during preparation time before I started to get busy again, running here and there checking all the costumes, props and all. But it's kinda blurry though. Haha.
Preparation room. Girls putting on their makeups, chitchatting to scare away their nervousness, etc.

That's one of the main supporting cast there, Dennis as Greg the abusive husband with Ellisa and Emmeline as young and older Sophie, the child. The abused wife was not there. I bet she is busy somewhere. Back there were the Conchittas gang (Flamenco dancers)

That's all I have. I dont even have photos of me in my phone. Let's just wait for the official photos later. Haha. My favourite part? I love every bits of the show but yeah, for Part 1: The Arabian Fairy Tale, I definitely loooooove the Tribal belly dance. Ladies, you rock! Your expression, your techniques, you attitude, your props and costume, altogether = AWESOME!!! I was sitting with the audience and I can reallllllly feel your dance. Marvellous job, ladies!

And for Part 2, since I'm involved with Part 2 : Stronger, of course I'll love every bits of it too hehehe but no doubt, the aerial silk dance by Serina and Albert was the most eye-catching, breathtaking, for everyone of us. Watching our own Serina Lim and her hubby Albert Lim on the air (yes peeps they were like flying! You have?) performing the dance with some acrobatic yet very graceful moves, awe, that's soooo nice! We were touched! And we the team, knowing that Serina is phobia of heights, that even make us more inspired. Yes, she is afraid of heights and yet she managed to overcome the fear and dance in the air.

But what more can I say? I'm loving each and every part of it. From auditions to rehearsals to the show itself, I gained a lot of experience. I made new friendship which I treasure a lot. There were times when things get hard, injuries, illnesses, but these girls were really supportive and helpful.

And to Serina Lim, our principal, our producer, our head of dance instructor, our big sister, thanks for all the care and guidance you've given us all this while. You are true inspiration. Thanks for believing in each and everyone of us. We were so touched by your spirit, determination and passion. And we're so glad to be part of your childhood-dream-come-true!