Friday, November 27, 2009

Snood Inc's 1st Ever Engagement!

As colourful as rainbow that varies in colour
Different, but blends well with each other
Stands out beautifully as one, stands out more beautifully when together
Pop out after the rain to cheer up one sad little heart
And appear during shiny day too, making days more happy and bright
Thanks for everything, my rainbow.

These girls were my rainbow for the past weekend. And they will always be my rainbow at heart, anywhere and anytime. (Yeah, you too Carrie, Nira and Zue! Love the 10 of Snoodies!)

This pic was taken during Nutz's Engagement Day last weekend at Sungkai, Perak. She is the first in Snoodies to step up to another level. Congrats dear! As it was the first engagement ever for Snoodies, we were very excited, very thrilled, and nervous too haha. Now that Nutz had made the first step, hopefully the other 9 of us will follow the trail some time soon. (Who's next? Art?)

Thanks for giving me a beautiful weekend, babes. Words can't tell how much I do appreciate and cherish the moments we have together. I just know that I am so lucky to have friends like you. And I pray to God that the 10 of us will remain friends forever.

And guess who the lucky guy is?

It's Kongz @ Ikmal from the WHA family!

Too bad u dont get the title of 1st WHA-ian who is getting married Kong, coz Plamz @ Khairisyah was the one. Hehe. (But the title of 1st WHA ladies is still up for grabs though. Haha!)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweetest Birthday Gift Ever : Part 2

I was at the mall, and I saw that sweetest birthday gift ever, again.
The more I see it, the more I want it.
The more I realise that it is far beyond reach.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Ekspresi Hati di Tepi Tasik is OFF.

Saya jadi fobia untuk merancang.
Kerana apa yang dirancang seringkali tidak kesampaian.
Jika kesampaian pun, tak seperti yang diharapkan.
Maafkan saya kerana memberi harapan palsu.
(Kalaupun bukan semua, tapi saya tahu ada antara kamu yang sangat berharap)
Tahun ini mungkin belum rezeki kita untuk berparti harijadi di tepi tasik.

Sebab esoknya saya kena mengadap sesi penilaian. Aduh...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Sweetest Birthday Gift Ever.

Last few days, I saw that something
and I want it so badly I could cry at nights, wishing
Everytime I passed there I just look at it and wish that it could be mine.
But damn, it's just so hard to get!

December is coming soon.
Oh, how sweet if I can have it for this year.
Then it will be the sweetest gift ever.

Dear God,
Can You grant my wish?
I'll promise I wont ask the same next year....