Sunday, August 21, 2011

Faizal Tahir Ucap Selamat Hari Raya Kat Aku

Officially tak boleh tidur malam ni. Haha. So, aku blogging je lah. Nak chat, semua orang lain sudah tidur. Daripada aku bercakap dengan dinding, baik aku bercakap dengan monitor laptop. Nak bercakap dengan dashboard kereta, jauh pulak kena keluar rumah. (Huh. Ini ayat sarkastik untuk orang-orang tertentu k. I dont talk to dashboards whatsoever)

I was driving home after 2 hours of tiring dance prep session, dan sedang tersekat kat lampu isyarat merah when I started to reach for my phone inside my backpack. Eh, ada misscalled dari ex-roommate aku around half an hour ago. Dan ada mesej. Ok, lampu masih merah, bukak lah sekejap. Oh, bukan SMS tapi MMS rupanya.

:-O Terkejut beruk aku dibuatnya. Lampu isyarat masih merah. Jari-jemari aku pun tekan button hijau, call ex-roommate aku. Huhu. Engage pulak. So aku reply MMS dia je dan jalan terus sebab lampu isyarat sudah hijau.

Not long after that, telefon aku berdering semula. Ex-roommate aku!
So she was at RC's ifthar session earlier on, and sedar-sedar je aku dengar suara kawan aku tu pegi cakap kat mamat sebelah dia suruh mamat tu borak ngan aku. Dan mamat tu adalah Faizal Tahir. And I was like..seriously??

So aku pun borak ngan FT kejap haha giler shaking aku, dengan sebelah tangan memandu sebelah tangan pegang fon (sila jangan contohi perbuatan ini. I was not expecting any call, hence I dont have those handsfree kit with me at that moment). FT adalah peramah, sporting dan sengal. Ucapan penutup kepada acara borak-borak adalah ucapan selamat hari raya. Haha. Aku tak ingat aku ada balas cakap selamat hari raya dia ke tak. In fact, aku pun tak tau apekebenda yang aku dok cakap kat dia, aku still dalam mode surprise sebab tak expect pun, tetiba kot ex-roomate aku call and pass phone kat FT! Ko memang gamble habis ar ESS. If we were still back in uni time dan ko buat macam ni kat aku, sumpah sepanjang satu semester tu aku akan hentikan 'aksi tingkap' aku. Haha.

Anyway, thanks ex-roommate.
And FT, yes my name is Melody. That's real.
And no, your name is not Anuar. That's sengal.

Selamat malam!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Now, This Time I'll Let You Have My Melody

I must admit, most of viewers who found my site via google search were not here to look for me. They were hoping to see something about My Melody cartoon! Too bad, the only Melody you can find here is me, who is obviously not a Japan made cartoon.

I've known this Japan cartoon character for years, and even have some My Melody items in collection, but yet to watch any episode of it.

Let's have a look on what's My Melody cartoon series looks like, wanna join me?

"The magical My Melody used to live a normal life in Mari Land, picking flowers and baking cookies for her friends and family - that is, until Kuromi and Baku escaped from the royal castle and fled to the human world! They took with them two magical treasures - the melody bow and the melody key - which, when used for evil purposes, can grant the user the ultimate Dark Power. Now, My Melody must travel to the human world to put a stop to Kurumi's evil plans to turn one hundred human dreams into nightmares. By her side is Uta, a human girl who is in love with the violin genius Hiiragi - a talented boy who unfortunately has decided to assist Kuromi in her devious plans..."
source from Anime-Planet.com

Hahhaha..This My Melody is so cute oh.. Wanna watch more? Go and look for the vids in Youtube. Self service, sorry ya. I'm sharing Eps 1 only for today. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Note..

Dear Ramadhan,

I know it's been a week since we met. I've waited one freaking long year for you to come. Yet, I have done nothing much to celebrate you, now that you are here with me. I know I am not quite the same as the person that you once knew. And I will not ask you to understand me, nor blame you for judging me.

Just so you know, I still love you as much as I always do. Hopefully, I'll be a better person with you by my side.

Miss Flaws.