Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Me

I thought I can give more frequent updates but I failed. Haha. Guess I don't have much to write nowadays? So, for the past few weeks when I was away from this page, let's see what have I done:

1. I finished learning another 3 dance routines.
2. I performed at an event (supposedly 2 events but I turned down the 1st one)
3. A colleague left, but no new one coming in.
4. I cut my hair as a result of frustration? Haha. Ok, joking.
5. Had some reunion gatherings with different gang. Schoolmate, dancemate, ex-roommate.
6. My best friend had found her new job and she is happy with it.
7. A dancemate is leaving for France to pursue her study. Friendship Park Gang will miss you dear.
8. I saw and thought of buying a new red long dress for CNY, now I have no mood to do so anymore since I'm not able to celebrate it this year.
9. I got sick but I'm ok now.
10. Oh, I have not wish you Happy New Year, haven't I? Happy New Year 2012.