Monday, June 6, 2016


Somehow I came across this old post of mine.
And I thought, wow, I really found my other half at the other side. 
Life is full of surprises, future is no doubt a mystery.
Have faith, God knows the best.

I am one happier girl now. 
And I'm very grateful for this gift of love and life.

Salam Ramadhan.
Have a blessed one, everyone.

Monday, February 15, 2016

I Find Myself Having Trouble Counting Days

Yes, I have trouble counting days these days.
Sometimes it's running way too fast I had to take a moment to stop and breath, sometimes it is moving kinda slow I tend to get lost along the way haha.

So I guess many of my family members or friends know this already. :)
I'm not the kind who'll blog about this, but why not? Heee..
Here, have a look at http://rabanteben.blogspot.my

A beginning of a new journey....
May Allah bless us...

Monday, January 11, 2016

Dah 2016. Wujud Lagi Blog Ni?

Rupanya aku langsung takde post entry tahun 2015 ye. Bersawang teruk blog aku ni. haha. Not that I dont hav any stories to write.  I just dont feel like sharing it much, like before.

Tapi hari ni rasa nak post sesuatu. Sebabnya, sebab aku tak boleh tidur. Nak main tweet, twitter aku dah deactivate. Dont ask me why. Hah. Nak FB, mcm exposed sgt. So aku membebel sini je la walaupun post ni public.. bukan semua orang tau blog aku ni hidup lagi pun. Kalau baca pun xpelah. Baca sampai post 2008 pun bagus.

Oh mata..lelaplah dikau. Esok keje beb.

Quotes jumpa kat internet. Deep woo..deep. Ok Melody mungkin kau perlu bercakap lebih lagi dengan Tuhan. Jgn bercakap dengan blog saja. Ouch.

P/s: I forgot how it feels to b calling ppl at odd hours juz bcoz I cant sleep..

P/s again: I miss writing in my blog actually.  I just dont know if I could write the way it was written back then.

Ok time is up.
Go to sleep lah Mel.
And pray much the nightmare (sort of) last night wont come again tonight.