Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Berjalan Melihat Tempat Orang

Since me and my parents are still in holiday mood, so my dad came out with an idea to go to visit Kota Kinabalu for a day. It was an ad-hoc trip, but as school holidays have just ended, we were pretty confidence that there will be many hotel rooms available for us. We went yesterday morning, and get back to Sarawak this evening.

on the way

Unlike our previous trips in previous years, this time we have less photo sessions, less shopping, more travelling in the car driving around town, and even went to see the kampungs nearby. So I have a different view on travelling for this time. Travelling is not just visiting interesting places, go to all shopping malls and spend money on stuffs, or eat whatever food you cannot find elsewhere. To travel to other places is also to see what exactly living in these places would be. See what actually the people around do. How each and everyone with different faces mix with others. And many more apart from the usual activity that we travellers always do. I just wished that I can stay there longer.

By the way, the trip to KK was fun though!

pemandangan di sepanjang perjalanan...



nyda said...

bile la akan ku pijak bumi sabah sarawak sinun

Raja Azrul said...

jauh berjalan luas pemandangan...

huhuhu..takpe, ada masa dan peluang berjalan nie, lebih baik ko berjalan. Nanti takde masa susah pulak..

Tak sabar nak jumpa ko, nida, zamrie..hehe, boleh lepak2 macam dulu..


nyda : insyaAllah, klu ade rezeki nnti dtg la sini ye..sy bwk kamu jln2.. ;)

azrul: tu la pasal...sementara leh berjln2 ni, ada baiknya meluaskan pandangan.. hehe..aku pun teringin sangat2 nk jumpa korang smua..nk lepak ngn korang...ade rezeki kite jumpa lagi ye. =)

nyda said...

saye mmg bercita-cita mahu
menjejakkan kaki ke bumi kenyalang
dan kamu mesti bawak saye jalan2 tau!!