Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Please dont give me (or be) another reason to not believe in you (read:men).

Seperti gelas kaca separuh penuh yang fragile, please, do handle me (read: my heart) with care. It was broken once and though I already managed to get it fixed, mind you the condition will never be the same again.

I am not like some stuffs at the store that you think you can get with money, pls understand that fact. Others have tried and failed, and I dont see any reason you can win me that way too. And I am certainly not the thing that you may throw away (or pass it to somebody else) whenever you dont want me anymore. Or thing that you want to have just because you need to show your friends how good you are in getting anything you want.

Just please dont give me (or be) another reason to not believe in you (read:men).
Just please....


SchUhaDa said...

naper myn? care to share?
catch u up in nov.

nyda said...

hmmm.....curious ni~

Melody said...

~ art
just some drama..yup,see ya in nov. cat wait!

everything under control my dear. :)

nadz said...

so,watch out ye laki2 kt luar sane,jgn lukekan hati melody yg comey ni..myn,c u on nov ya=)

Raja Azrul said...

congrats...ko msh update blog ko...!!