Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Sweetest Birthday Gift Ever.

Last few days, I saw that something
and I want it so badly I could cry at nights, wishing
Everytime I passed there I just look at it and wish that it could be mine.
But damn, it's just so hard to get!

December is coming soon.
Oh, how sweet if I can have it for this year.
Then it will be the sweetest gift ever.

Dear God,
Can You grant my wish?
I'll promise I wont ask the same next year....


Raja Azrul said...

what that??

hehehe...if i know that gift, i will give you..my dear...

btw, our reunion coming soon..on your birthday...so??

Melody said...

pasti ke ko tahu apa gift tu wahai encik raja azrul asyadi? hehehe... reunion on my bday. sebagai bday girl, aku nk request acara tepi tasik macam hari tu ok. buat jangan tak buat. bday girl request nih.

nyda said...

wah..apakah itu??
u keep me wondering..lalala~

Melody said...

i'll tell u when i see u...ok?

p/s: sapa boleh bagi the sweetest gift ever tu, mmg sy akan sayang dia sampai bila-bila...ehheheh :p