Friday, May 15, 2009

Single White Balloon

written by Wani Ardy
(one of the songs that I cant let out of my head. at least for now.)

Memories penetrate into my mind
Tell me how to sleep, with your ghosts around my bed at night
Now you’re packing
Yet it feels like you’ve been missing long before
I’m as helpless and useless
As a broken door

More than anything
I so much want to say those three words
But my intentions die
I’m afraid you’ve grown to hate

My hopes are floating
In a single white balloon
In a single white balloon
All it needs is a little needle to disappear
Into the thin air like it was never there
Into the thin air, I’ll try my best not to care
My hopes are floating
In a single white balloon
In a single white balloon

Surreal, I would love to have you real
Slow me down, but please don’t fade me out
Taking one step at a, one step at a time
I’m like, holding sands
Gently in my open hands


WanHidayat said...

Salam Mel...where you at now???...Kuching kah?

Otit said...

hai Mel.
bok bbrp ari pas kamek nangga blog Wani Ardy ya.
nang gila lah blog nya.
she's expressing art in intelligent and brilliant way.
ya yang kamek maok carik dalam dunia seni..which kamek admired the most.

hehehe..ape cer kitak tek?

Melody said...

~Wan Hidayat~
Salam dayat, aok kmk di Kch. Ktk still di Miri? Mun dtg kch kontek jak. My fon no. bleh amik dpd sidak raja. ;)

That's why I love her!! Eeee, really2 wanna meet her someday. Januari lepas sikda chance mok jumpa nya kat KL. Haih.

Me? Erm..still the same old story haha.