Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick Updates

Oh my, I havent post anything for July. It's been quite tiring for the past weeks, and I cant think of anything to write. Wait, I did think of few things to write, like the review the latest movie I watched, or the drama of World Cup 2010 (too bad we can't make it to final, Germany. Spain, congrats!) or the usual jiwakacau entries and whatsoever...

Just that I dont have the feel to write, yet. Till then...

P/s: I am in progress of writing my latest syok sendiri poem-turned-song hahaha. Thanks to KSMR for the kind words and support, wish you all the best in your journey too. (I know he might not be reading this, tapi nak jugak cakap. Hehe)

P/s again: And, to mysterious 'Red Shirt', thanks for the 1 second inspired moments. :)

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