Saturday, September 25, 2010

MoonCake Festival!

One of the great thing about being a Malaysian, is that we have the chance to celebrate so many festival around. Hehe. Recently, not long after the peak of Eid celebration (we are still in Eid festive season now anyway) was the Moon Cake Festival.

So, few days back, me and my friends went to see the Mooncake Festival Celebration, located at the Carpenter Street, the so called Chinatown. (There is also the Indian Street nearby). It was a fun outing, and I had enjoyed myself that night. Thanks komity!

In some places, it is also called as Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival, or Lantern Festival.

There are famous myths related to the history of the festival, of them are the well known story of Hou Yi and Chang Er (there are quite a number of versions though) and how Han Chinese planned to overthrow the Mongols by the mean of mooncake. You may read more here. :)

See, lots of lanterns hanging around. Beautiful, isn't it? Oh by the way, meet me and my friends : the Komity. Say hi~ (however one of the member is missing. Huhu.)

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Miss Q said...

part tanglung, mana-mana pun best sebab cantik!

~ Bacelah kisah mak salah beli ape!! Haihh