Wednesday, October 6, 2010


1. I admire my dad coz he can play music well. He can play by the ears, something that I am still lacking. (In fact, I still cannot tune my own guitar well without the tuner. I can tell if it is out of tune, but to tune it to the right key is quite a struggle for me)

2. I admire people who can sing AND play music simultaneously.
I've tried and I messed up. While I'm focusing on my music, I tend to forget the lyrics. And the moment I'm trying to memorize my lines, my fingers do not seem to go along well with whatever instruments I'm playing. That sucks.

3. I admire people who can compose great piece of music. It will always wonders me, how on earth do people got the idea to create so many different piece of beautiful music just from 7 basic notes. Sometimes I feel it's magical.

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wanzu said...

saya membayangkan bestnye jika saya pandai menyanyi. ='(