Thursday, December 16, 2010

Could This Be The Sign?

Should I step up to next level?

Looking back, it was scary.
Looking forward, it is risky.
But to freeze is tragedy.

I guess it is faith that I need for the moment.

P/s: This entry can have different meaning for different readers considering how many different surprises that had happened recently (I mean for those who personally know me, for those who doesn't, no big deal really). But actually, what I was trying to talk write about, just so you readers know, had nothing to do with work-related topics.


wanzu said...

ermmm tak tahu apa myn ragukan. erk ragukan ke? kekekke

tp mungkin blh mohon petunjuk dr Allah SWT. InshaAllah... you will find your way.... (mcm lagu Maher Zain jeh. huhuuh)

WNRD said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Melody. You're a great girl. Allah will help you and most importantly, you will 'help' yourself. :)

Melody said...

wanzu: ragu jugak lah sikit. takpe, insyaAllah semua kan baik-baik hendaknya.

wani: terima kasih! so sweet of you :)

Heidi Shafiq said...

keep focus n gv ur full effort.. :)

wanzu said...

ragu-ragu tu sama mcm was-was. was was tu dr syaitan.=)

Raja Azrul said...

The first things is try and evaluate your self. Give your self a chance, and look at the future. You will get what u want..Insyallah