Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Cannot Read Other People's Mind and Heart

Sometimes people don't have to say out loud of what they have in mind. Yes, actions may be louder than words. And words itself are needed to convey messages. But in the end it's their intention that matters, as what you see and what you heard can be deceiving. God knows better of one's intention. And you are not God. You're just one ordinary human like myself.

I'd like to post that on my Facebook status just now, but I didn't have the heart to. I'm posting here instead. Someone accused me for 'not being there when needed' where in fact, I really want to. It's just that I cannot make it due to some circumstances which are totally out of my control.

And the fact that this person thought I do not care, that hurts me a lot. But I cannot defence myself, as the more I'd try to, the more I'd sound like I'm making excuses. So I just remain silence and swallow all the blame. For I believe, God knows better. God knows the truth.

Am I doing the right thing? :(

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