Saturday, May 21, 2011

49 Days, I Love This K-Drama!

49 Days. The story of a girl in coma striving her best in a borrowed body to retrieve her life, in which can be done if she successfully collect three pure tears of love from people of non family and no blood-ties related, within the given 49 days.


This drama showed up just right at the time I had to deal with one of my doomest friendship conflict (if I can say so), hence the way when (the spirit of) Shin Ji Hyun,the 49 Days traveller, broke and shocked by how people is treating her behind her back really touched me. A lot. Thus, making me more interested to begin to follow this drama.

But then, as I'm following the series, I realised that this drama is really great and seems like I can hardly wait every week to watch the series. And now that I've watched all 20 episodes, my o my, what else can I say but how great this drama is! Well, at least for me. It's just full of mixed emotion.

The conflict are built well, the heartbreaking event were sheeding some tears, the hopes that we're holding onto made us feel stronger, the strive and the feels, I just cannot describe it. Fair enough, this drama really made me think, and somehow had made me appreciate more. Appreciate life, appreciate love, appreciate people around. Appreciate what that had been given to us all this while. :)

I want to write more the storyline, but I'm afraid if I do so, I will pass the wrong message. Haha. Not born as good storyteller, I think. So, you'll have to watch it to feel it yourself.

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Chelsea 7310 said...

Demam 49 days jgk :D