Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Will You Go Bald For Cancer-Fighting-Children?

Go Bald - Help Kids Fight Cancer from Go Bald on Vimeo.

This entry is dedicated not only in memory of Jacklyn Wong (as we had seen in the previous video), but also in memory of all children who had died because of cancer and to many more who are still fighting to survive and continue living.

Go Bald is here in Kuching again. (And Miri too, this year). This will be the 3rd Go Bald event after the 1st Go Bald in 2009 had been succeed. Come and join to show some support.

Venue : The Spring, Kuching.
Date : 15 May 2011

What is Go Bald?
It's a charity event to raise fund and show support to help kids with cancer.

What can you do to help?
Financial support.
Moral support.

Check out http://gobald.my/ or log on to Go Bald Facebook Page for more info.

And for you guys who wish to give continuous support to help children in Sarawak to fight cancer, even after the Go Bald event, you are more than welcomed to contact Sarawak Children's Cancer Society.

Our Care, Their Hope.
Together we can make a difference, and hopefully a better tomorrow for them.
So what are we waiting for, people? Let us show some support. Show up at The Spring, Kuching this Sunday! Hope to meet you there!

Oh ya, nak tau Si Botak kesayangan saya?

That's me hugging my #1 most fave Baldee ever.
17.02.1989 - 26.01.1991

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