Saturday, August 29, 2009

Twilight (Again), Just To Kill The Time.

I watched Twilight. Again. Now I had figured out why on earth did I like Edward very much the first time I watched this movie. No, not because (people say) he is cute. I dont care even if he is cute. That was not the main reason.

Because he is supposed to be terrifyingly scary, extremely dangerous, one whom we should stay away from, never to befriend to, especially not the one to fall in love with. He is more than capable of putting us to death, starve for our blood every single day and night. Just not supposed to be the one we should go for. Be with him and you risk your life in his hand.

Yes, I used to fell for guys who were cold, insensitive, super-egoistic, full of arguments and always think that he is the best. The kind of guys that girls would want to should avoid. The kind that girls will hate. I did hate these kind of guys, yet I (used to) liked them a lot. The more I hate them, the more I liked them. How torturing! Be with him, and you risk your fragile little heart in his hand.

I guess this risky kind of things was the one that made me like Edward. Moreover, despite of his vampire attitude, he still have a little humanity inside him. That's what made me like him more.

I just cant wait to finish reading the books.


mocQachinno said...

i finished all the books in the saga. you should do so pronto. not worth waiting. hehe~

nadz said...

melody wrote:The more I hate them, the more I liked them..>>that you dear..teringat zaman2 u dulu kala myn bile ko guna ayat tu=)

Melody said...

I guess this is the reason why i like the song Bencinta by Faizal Tahir so much.

Because I hate and love the person and the same time. Huhu.