Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today's break fast menu:

1. Self made sirap bandung
2. Roti John from Taman Sukma Bazaar Ramadhan
3. Cadbury chocolate
4. Boiled corns

And that's it! Got some other menu on the list, but have no mood to even touch them. I know I must be grateful to have food to eat, since there were a lot more people out there who do not have anything to eat (not even one single boiled egg in which some people claimed as "similar to" or "slightly better than" doggy's food. Duhhh!!). But somehow I just dont have the desire to eat since I am ALONE at home. It sucks to live alone and have no one to talk to. Yes, there are things called internet, instant messaging, phone calls or sms...but the feeling is just not the same as having a real person by your side.

I cannot wait for holidays, so that me and my family can gather again.

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