Friday, December 19, 2008

2009 Resolution?


Lots of people made their yearly resolution on new year, which is January. It might sound a little bit weird for others to know that I made my new year resolution in December. But that is me. Cant really remember though since when did I started to make my new year resolution in December. Then again, I believe that resolution, target, goal, or whatever the name is, is something that is ongoing. For me, this is not to be something that is done on New Year's eve and be forgotten by February. You set target when you have desire to achieve something.

And when talking about dreams and desire, I do believe that everyone is just the same. We all have things we would like to achieve, to have, to get, to own, to give. It may be something big, it may be something very little for our own self. No matter how big or small it is, I believe that it is meaningful to that person.

Speaking of New Year resolution, my biggest resolution in year 2008 is to find myself a good job, so I can earn money for me and my family. Thank God, He granted my wish within a month. And I was very happy. This year, what would I want to have? A lot! But I will share only 5 things that I would like to achieve/have this year.

#1 : Read at least 1 book per month
One of my resolution last year, in which I can only stand until March/April, before I took a loooongg nap and continue with my readings sometime in October. Haih!! And when I say books, I'm not talking about those comic books, entertainment mags or anything within the category. Am trying to read more books for knowledge. Novels is acceptable, because some novels are really good for critical thinking and taught us of many things in life, but have to make sure that we choose the right novels-lah.

#2 : Write a sweet song of my own
During those times I was playing Wani's self made song with my guitar (Ouh, I love singing Wani's songs despite of my horrible voice..LOL!), I thought I'd like to have a song of my own too. So, I began to play around with my dad's guitar, trying to find the right rhythm and rhyme to express the melody of my heart but up until now, I can find one that truly reflects me. I hope I will be able to have one by next year.

#3: Career success
I wish to be more successful in my career.

#4: Prosperity
Who does not want to live a prosperous life, does you? Not just eating that prosperity burger from McD. Hehe. To be more prosperous, means I can help my family and others more. We all love our family and want to give the very best for them, right?

#5: To found the hidden other half of me......
-No elaboration, I'll keep this one for myself (^^,)-

Alright, to me and to all..Let us work hard to turn our dreams and target into reality.


Raja Azrul said...

Good luck for new year..hopefully u will get what ur plan...

this year?? huhuhu,too much challenge for me ,maybe this year i not meet you...(hehehe)

SchUhaDa said...

all the best MELODY!

u are 1 of thousands ppl out there who know what they intend to do in life - which thousands other ppl dont.

Daoz said...

smoga all ur resolution tercapai.lagu tu nnt kasi i dgar ok.

ps:nk dgr live tau,akustik version.

FendyHekka said...

yang last skali tu ko tak jupe2 lg ke? ha3.. ape lg promot jer kt myspace... rmi g menwarkn dri nnt.

Melody said...

Azrul: Thanks, and may you have a wonderful year ahead..

Schuhada : Same goes to u my dear!

Daoz:Hmm..Kena tunggu lagu siap lah jawabnya. Tak siap lagi ni.

Fendy: Sesuka hati jeh ko ni nak suruh aku promote kat myspace. Hehe..