Monday, July 20, 2009

When Gadoh Makes Me Happy

It have been quite a tiring day at work. Not really stressful, but a bit sweaty I may say. Running here and there, chasing time, fight for tool, and feel hungry at the same time.

Almost out of my mood when I reach home. Macam nak gaduh dengan orang rasanya. (That's because I was hungry. Pls dont make me hungry, that can make me feel moody, I guess)

But guess what, this simple little thing had lighten up my day!

(motif nak padam alamat?)

(Gadoh for me!)

(walaupun Gadoh, tetapi ada smiley. Buat aku tersenyum)

Thanks a lot, Ieja!
I'll take this as last year's birthday present.
Hahaha. Just joking.

People out there, not many of you might know about this movie as it was made for educational purpose. You wont be able to watch this in TV or at your nearest cinema. Only at their public screening. (Cececeh, saja nak buat-buat ekslusif, macam la aku sorang je yang tengok cerita ni :p)

OK. Time for Gadoh. I'll write about it next time. Till then, ciao~

Update: For more details, just check out their website
who knows your place is where the next public screening is going to be..



LavENDer Wind said...

nJoy i..t

azwan bamadhaj said...

mcam best je...

mana nak dapat?

adiadia said...

jgn lupe ye minggu depan. hihihi.

ღ~n0n0i~ღ said...

Kak Mel, cane nak dapatkan DVD tu ek~
Kak Mel memang suh Ieja belikan ke?

daoz said...

hahaha..kak mel dearie,i watched it before u..best kan?

~ieja~ said...

kalau ade sesape yang berminat nak order DVD tu, you can contact KOMAS at gadohthemovie@gmail.com ...

kak mel, ieja gne your blog promote ye...

Melody said...

yup it was enjoyable, dan pada masa yang sama,byk belajar jugak.

azwan n noi~
mail them at gadohthemovie@gmail.com. they have public screenings too, check their website for more info.

dalam proses. takkan lupa. anything, just text me. :)

yela...baguslah kalau dah tengok..

hey ieja, thanx a lot for the DVD. saya pun baru tau boleh dapatkan kat Komas hehehe. Ingatkan boleh cari DVD tu kat screenings je. You kan selalu pegi screenings :p

s.h.e.i.l.a. said...

penah dgr gak b4 ni..
best ke citer ni myn?