Monday, December 7, 2009

Meanwhile, Wani Ardy's EP is up for grabs!!

Wani Ardy's 1st EP had been released!!

Walaupun bukan Askar seperti yang perancangan awal, tetapi
Meanwhile tetap akan menjadi kesayangan saya. Seperti Perempuan Simpanan tu. Kesayangan. ♥♥♥♥♥

I just cannot wait to have the EP playing in my car all way long to and from one place and another. Haha.. Bunyi macam orang yang selalu tersekat kat jalanraya saja, padahal tidak.

Seeing the EP playlist, the one that catched my eyes the most:

(Pic taken by Xamree)

Yes, the poem. No, nothing to do with the lady in the pic. Haha. The lady just cannot wait to know what is the secret lovers story all about. Tajuk puisi yang memanggil-manggil. Teehee~

I'll write a review of the EP once I have it in my hands, ok.


nota.kematian said...

adakah itu cheese cake secret recipe? huuuuu...

Melody said...

kak dali~
yes. it is. my fave caramel cheese cake. :)