Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beringat Sebelum Kena

Earlier, I was reading my friend's blog entry about her going for a medical checkup due to some pain at the chest she had. Alhamdulillah, as shown by the result, she is free from the suspected illness. Thank God.

But that does not mean that we can delay to take care of ourselves, kan people?

I know, my family background had some medical history. I am 25 now, I hope it is not too late to start taking care of myself while this body of mine is still in good condition. Better late than never. Used to be so active during my years of study, but I slow down after I started working. Haih. I should have never stop.

So now, I joined some physical activity that I like. I tried jogging before, but running was just not quite my style, so I am doing something I like more now, dance class and aerobik! Haha! Those modern jazz steps had really made me sweat!

Also, I am beginning to love Sudoku. I am not really into it previously, but I loved to do crossword puzzles before. Our mind need to exercise too, people. We just have to! By using our brain more, the healthier it will become. Saya pernah baca, kalau tak nak nyanyuk di masa tua, sila latih otak untuk rajin berfikir di masa muda. I mean, solve puzzles, Sudoku ke, write stories or poems atau cipta sesuatu.

Come on, let's take good care of ourselves. Kalau bukan diri sendiri sayang diri sendiri, then who will? Kan? Jom exercise!

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adiadia said...

hhehehe yup btol tu myn. dl rsa sht sket sbb sll jln kaki.
dan satu lg tips, minum susu jg bgs utk kesihatan.