Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trust is Fragile

Trust is one thing that is so fragile.

Too fragile that once it had been broken, never will it be the same again. Even if you try to fix, the scratches will forever remain. And no matter how hard you want to trust, doubts are forever by your side.

Don't you think so?


Raja Azrul said...

of course..do not easy to trust someone..hehehe

Mel..rindunya kat ko!! Bila nak datang KL nie?? Aku pun dah memang kat KL..kalau datang, bagitahu yer!!! Adios!!!

Anonymous said...

handle with care.

Suhada Amalina said...

that's so true

Otit said...

so true melly.Mun dah broken nak,we'll always have second thought bout ppl.

Melody said...

RA: yeah, tula pasal. lama tak lepak sama2. insyaAllah, aku dtg aku bgtau korang.

DR: we all should. with great care.

SA: kan?

TL: menar ya, even if we try to think positive, we cant help it bah.