Friday, January 2, 2009


And there goes my first day of the year. Full of surprises, that's how I describe it. And unpredictable. Very very unpredictable. Life is unpredictable, I deeply agree with that. Don't you? Well, we can never know what will happen in future.

My first day of the year was not as smooth as I expect it to be. Quite a few shocking things, in which I accept it in positive thinking. I hope I can stand strong, for the sake of people that I love and people that love me.

I just hope that things will be better soon.
I really do.


~~Noli said...

saba yer mel.. =)

Raja Azrul said...

jangan jeles...
aku, azril,azwan dan pedot akan tengok PGL nanti...hehehe

Ikmal @ AKoNGz said...

Make this 23rd Jan part of your enjoyable memories.

Tapi jimat duit sikit, remind my other half tu..

Melody said...

Yep..thanx Aciq. Skrg mcm dah bertambah baik :)

Ala..apalah sangat.... (Ayat yg bernada tanak menerima kenyataan)

~Ikmal Kongz~
Huhu..Ya sure..I take that as a reminder for myself jugak..