Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Rains

It's November already?
Wow. How time flies.

I (kind of) hate November, yet I love it.
Hmm..Well, not that I really hate it,
but somehow the month of November reminds me of things I want
(but I cant)

Like this one.

But I do love it because if there is no November,
how on earth can I have my lovely December, right?

(11 months and counting.....Gosh, I hate this part right here)


Raja Azrul said...

can't wait December...full of meaning to us...

Melody said...

Kan??? I LOVE DECEMBER hehhehehe.
Rindu nak berdisember ngan korang..

Anonymous said...

Hujan, sungguh ia saya suka. rintiknya terubah umpama melodi. hanyut dari kabut lelah dunia.